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(Love the Christian Louboutin boots)



Rihanna in ever boyfriend shorts denim jeans-JT-6



One of Rihanna’s major influences and idol is Mariah Carey who she covered her song “Hero” while performing at a school talent show. She says, “I looked up to [Mariah] a lot and I still do. I admire her as an artist, and to [compete with her] was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life.”[99] She then stated that her song, “Vision of Love” made an impact on her.[100][101] Rihanna has also named Beyoncé Knowles a major influence,[102][103] citing that she was inspired to start her career after watching Knowles on television as part of a Destiny’s Child performance .[104] Her other musical influences include Bob Marley, Alicia Keys[101] Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, Celine Dion,[105] Brandy,[106] and Gwen Stefani.[107] Her music also contains strong influences of caribbean music and says that it has influenced her tremendously. Her friend and former Island Def Jam record label artist Fefe Dobson was someone that she admired and looked up to, having a fellow artist writing, singing, and performing the music she truly loves.[108][109] In a interview, Rihanna stated, that while growing up in Barbados, she grew up listening to reggae music and when she came to the United States she was exposed to many different types of music.[110] Rihanna also considers Madonna as one of her biggest influences. She mentioned that she respects her ability to reinvent herself and aspires to be just as successful.[111]


Jon Bream of the Star Tribune commented “[i]n the tradition of Madonna and Janet Jackson, Rihanna has become the video vixen of the ’00s … Rihanna has perfected the pout, the long-legged strut and trend-setting hairdos that keep women and men alike checking her out on YouTube.”[112] George Epaminondas of InStyle considers Rihanna’s music videos to be “cinematic” due to her “blend of lush island rhythms and swinging pop and … mischievous sensuality.”[113] Rihanna commented that Marilyn Monroe and vintage clothing served for visual inspiration for the music videoHate That I Love You” and “Rehab“; in contrast, the “dark, creepy” scenes of “Disturbia” have drawn comparison to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.[112][114] The music video also ranked number five on the “Top Five Most Paranoid Music Videos” published by MTV Buzzworthy.[115]

Style and image

The New York magazine described Rihanna’s early look as a cookie-cutter teen queen and that she has the ability to shift looks so dramatically and with such ease.[116] Since the release of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, [Rihanna’s] has become a sex symbol and also set herself apart from other R&B starlets,[117] opting for designer couture over belly-baring crop tops.[118] Sonya Magett of Black Voices reported that Rihanna’s style has become quite risqué since she burst on the scene 4 years ago.[119] In 2008, she constantly surprised, switching from pretty and sweet in pastels on the red carpet to dominatrix-leaning wear on stage and at awards shows.[120][121] Rihanna’s fashion and style also landed her on the list of People‘s 10 Best Dressed Stars of 2008.[122] Glamour also awarded Rihanna with the seventeenth most glamorous woman of 2009 out of fifty. Glamour also commented on Rihanna’s style saying “rockstar of leading ladies” and “She almost can’t make a style mistake right now.” They also said her “little-bit-punky, very-much-girly look still entrances readers.”[123][124] They also commented on Rihanna’s fashion risks saying “If style risks could be measured in miles, Rihanna would have criss-crossed the globe a thousand times over already.”[125]

Rihanna’s image has also been identified as a sex symbol. Regal of the Associated Content stated that Rihanna quickly garnered a more mature and definitely sexier look. In 2007, she ranked #8 in Maxim‘s 2007 Hot 100 list;[126] she then ranked #15 on 2008 Hot 100 list the following year.[127] In June 2007, Rihanna was named 2007 Venus Breeze’s “Celebrity Legs Of A Goddess” by Gillette.[128] Margeaux Watson of Entertainment Weekly wrote an article entitled “Rihanna: Diva of the year” which he refers to her breakout success of 2008.[129] In 2009, Maxim awarded Rihanna as the number 8th most sexiest woman on earth.[130] This made Rihanna the only female of African descent in the top ten or top twenty for that matter.

Rihanna’s tattoos have drawn much media attention.[131] One of her first tattoos was music note on her ankle and a Pisces sign behind her right ear.[132] Her most visible and popular tattoo is her trail of stars going down her back.[133] Rihanna has a total of twelve known tattoos,[134] including music note tattoo on her ankle, a Pisces sign behind her right ear,[135] a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip, a star in her left ear,[136] the word ‘love’ on her left middle finger,[137] an Arabic phrase on her ribcage area, meaning ‘Freedom is God,’ a trail of stars going down the back of her neck,[138] a skull with a pink hair bow, the phrase ’shhh…’[139] on her right index finger,[140] the date ‘4.11.1986′ on top of her left shoulder[141] and a henna-style dragon claw,[142][143] complete with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Her most recent gun tattoo was planned to be just below her shoulders but changed it to her ribcage.[144][145] Although, she was likely to be criticised for her tattoo,[146][147][148] BangBang, the tattoo artist, was quick to explain that the image simply “represents strength and power”.[149][150][151][152]

Relations with Barbados

Rihanna is heavily involved in the marketing of her native country of Barbados.[153] She began by including the flag and trident in many of her videos, also shooting her album packaging for A Girl Like Me there.[153] In September 2007, she became the official face of tourism for Barbados, being included in many of their ad campaigns. She currently holds an honourary title of Ambassador for Culture and Youth in Barbados.[154] She additionally was honored by the Prime Minister David Thompson, who presented her several gifts at a national concert on 20 February 2008 in Barbados, called “Rihanna Day”.[155][156] Regardless, In February 2008, Rihanna thanked her country and honoured them during the acceptance speech for her win of “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration” at the Grammy Awards.[157] Although Rihanna is heavily involved in the promotion of her country and works with the government in Barbados to do so, she is constantly criticized and ridiculed[158] for everything from her music, her successes and for wearing “skimpy clothes”.[159][160] Rihanna speaking on the incident, “I went to the beach and I had on a one-piece swimsuit with jeans, They took the picture and they made it look like a top that was really revealing. There were radio programmes about it. It was a big deal for, like, three weeks straight – talking about I’m not setting a good example.”[161]

They also mentioned that Rihanna was too young for Def Jam to push her as a “sex symbol“, making a plea that she cover up.[162] The media and The Nation newspaper constantly make personal attacks and have shown lack of support and encouragement.[163] Rihanna spoke out against the scrutiny to Entertainment Weekly[164] stating, “They all hate me. I didn’t have to talk about them. I didn’t have to even mention that I’m from Barbados. But I do and people kind of take it for granted. They hate me. They talk shit about me all the time. But I’m like, ”Whatever. I’m still doing this cause I love to do it and you’re not going to stop me”.[158] Media fought back with letters to Rihanna publicly via there national newspaper, “[what she said] sounds as if though she is doing us a favour. If God didn’t give us a Rihanna, he would have given us someone else. So don’t ever for a second get to thinking you are irreplaceable, Rihanna”[165] and “Her putting Barbados on the map is nonsense. Barbados was well on the map before she came along; and will be when she is gone”.[166] Her mentor and music producer Evan Rogers spoke out to the media stating that Rihanna subsequently “formed her impression of any Bajan dislike from the reception she received at the recent Barbados Music Awards where,” according to Rogers, “It was disappointing the way some people reacted as if they were almost rooting against her”.[167]

Other ventures

Products and endorsements

In October 2005, Rihanna struck her first endorsement deal with Secret Body Spray[168] for them to sponsor her first tour.[169] In 2006, Rihanna participated in several endorsement deals, including Nike sportswear for the launch of her “SOS”[170] and J. C. Penney. In 2007, Rihanna signed with CoverGirl and became a celebrity spokesperson which included appearances on TV commercials[171][172] and in the Barbados Tourism Authority’s tourism commercials. She also received an endorsement deal from Clinique in 2006 to promote their Happy fragrance.[173] She recorded a song written by Ne-Yo entitled “Just Be Happy” as part of the deal to promote their Happy fragrance. Rihanna also recorded a song called “Winning Women” with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger for P&G’s female deodorant Secret. In December 2008, Rihanna contracted with Gucci to appear in their ads for the Tattoo Heart Collection, a special-edition line.[174][175] In the Gucci handbag ad, Rihanna is seen hanging from a giant hoop, scantily clad in a barely-there white bodysuit and wearing an oversized white Gucci purse.[176] The success of her single, “Umbrella” also inked an endorsement deal with Totes.[177][178] Her handlers pitched her hit “Umbrella” to Totes and the song became the soundtrack for commercials in which she starred.[179] On April 8, 2009 it was announced that Rihanna inked a fragrance deal with Jay-Z’s licensing company Iconic Fragrances.[180] Iconic Fragrance will launch the fragrance in the summer of 2010.[181][182]

Film projects

In 2007, Rihanna began showing interest in making film appearances.[183] She made her acting debut in a cameo role to the film Bring It On: All or Nothing, released on August 8, 2006.[99] During this time, she stated that singing was always the bigger picture, but she definitely wants to get into acting as well.[99] Rihanna also made an appearance as the central character in Kanye West‘s music video “Paranoid“.[4][184] According to the Daily News, Rihanna has been taking acting classes during her time in New York, and will make her acting debut in Personal Protection, due to start filming later this year.[185][186]


Rihanna created her Believe Foundation in 2006 to help terminally ill children.[187][188] Rihanna explained her reasons for starting the Foundation saying, “When I was young and I would watch television and I would see all the children suffering, I always said: when I grow up, I want to help.”[189] Rihanna has also performed a number of concerts to raise funds for both charities and the Foundation and is also a 2008 Cartier Love Charity Bracelet Ambassador. She performed at Madonna’s Raising Malawi fundraiser on February 6, 2008 in New York City .[190] After becoming an honorary cultural ambassador for Barbados, Rihanna became involed with DKMS, an international donor network based in Tübingen, Germany, to try to find a donor for Lisa Gershowitz Flynn.[191] She was diagnosed in November with acute myelogenous leukemia.[192]

In January 2008, Rihanna contributed in the fight against AIDS when she visited the H&M in New York to support Fashion Against AIDS by presenting her t-shirt design and signing autographs for a limited time with slogans like “Believe” and “Stop and Think.”[193] The collection features t-shirts and hoodies designed by Rihanna, Timbaland and other well-known designers, musicians and artists.[194] The line, called Fashion Against AIDS, was launched in February 2008 to raise awareness of the disease among teens and spread awareness about HIV/AIDS.[195] In August 2008, Rihanna and other pop, rock, R&B and country singers such as Carrie Underwood, Ciara, Beyoncé Knowles, Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and Fergie recorded the charity single, “Just Stand Up!“, the theme song to the anti-cancer campaign Stand Up to Cancer and its theme song.[196] The singers performed the song live on September 5, 2008.[197] In 2008, Rihanna was selected as the spokesmodel for Gucci’s first United Nations Children’s Fund ad campaign.[198] She appeared in the fashion house’s Tattoo Heart campaign, which premiered in December 2008.[199] Rihanna was photographed in series of special edition print ads with United Nations Children’s Fund items, twenty-five percent of sales will benefit the children’s charity.[200]

On November 19, 2008, Rihanna was enlisted by Gucci‘s Frida Giannini along with Madonna to light the United Nations Children’s Fund Christmas snowflake in New York City at the Grand Army Plaza.[201] In 2008, she became the global representative and the face of the 4th annual Gucci Campaign to Benefit United Nations Children’s Fund. The campaign aimed to raise funds for children in Africa through the sale of its Tattoo Heart collection of bags, which launched worldwide on November 19, 2008.[202] Rihanna has also been apart of many benefit concerts to help raise money for various illnesses, such as cancer for Hope Rocks.[203] Rihanna performed on January 20, 2009 at the Recording Industry Association of America’s Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball to raise money for the world largest anti-hunger organization.[204][205][206] On April 2, 2009, Rihanna visited the NYU Medical Center to help look for another bone marrow donor for a young girl named Jasmina Amena.[207][208] Rihanna first learned about Jasmina’s plight in February 2009, when she saw the moving video Jasmina’s best friend, Isabelle Huurman, and her mother, Karen Detrick, made appealing for donors to save Jasmina.[209] Rihanna honored Jasmina’s best friend, Isabella for her efforts for trying to save her best friend at a DKMS Gala on May 7, 2009. Jasmina eventually received her transplant on June 11, 2009,[210] and is in recovery.[211][212]


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